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For over half a century, there’s been a special place that gives every event the room to breathe fresh air, feast on legendary cuisine and escape for a time from the fast lane of modern life. This special place is Nixon’s Farm, tucked quietly away in the gentle rolling hills of Howard County, Maryland. Family owned and operated for over 50 years, it continues its proud tradition of service to others in a unique setting. From 10 people to 5,000, Nixon’s makes every event a sensational occasion.      

Outstanding Results Come from Outstanding Relationships

Apart from our website, we do not advertise our services. So, if you are reading this, you have sought us out. We rely entirely on referrals from our clients and guests. Word-of-mouth is the sincerest form of advertising. Rather than spend money hoping you will see an ad, we prefer to put money and effort into getting to know you and understanding your needs and the needs of your guests. This guarantees the success of your event.

We approach each event as though it is our own – because it is! We know that an excellent result comes from an excellent relationship, so we focus on developing and maintaining our relationship with you throughout the planning process. No detail is to small or trivial provided it is important to you.

Our goal is to delight you and your guests so profoundly that you will come back again, and to refer us to others. This can only happen if we produce an outstanding result for you.

We are a relationship-driven company. You are more than a transaction to us. When we commit to an event, you get our whole passion. We are more than just a venue. We don’t make promises we can’t keep. We attend to details, and keep you on track. If we aren’t sure it’s something we can pull off, we check and get back to you later. If we can’t do it, we let you know.

Our vision is to touch people in extraordinary ways. We envelop the customer with a comprehensive range of services, either directly or through leveraging alliances. We provide the best total solution to the customer's problems. Our people are outstanding, and we seek to take advantage of the skills they possess while providing a nurturing, family-oriented environment. We also glean the skills that our employees have into the process of continuous improvement, producing a more consistent product. Our people are what set us apart from our competitors and place us in the front ranks of outstanding small businesses.

We have a systemic approach at Nixon’s Farm. We understand that every frustration is the result of the absence of a system, and that orchestrated patterns are natural and organic.

Long known as The Place for company picnics, we also have a historic barn that has been converted into a lovely ballroom. The gleaming hardwood floors, vaulted ceilings, chandeliers and expansive French doors are now the perfect compliment to your holiday party, corporate retreat, team-building event, or retirement dinner.

To enhance your event, our menus include theme parties, wine tastings, murder mysteries, and cocktail parties. This beautiful facility makes Nixon’s Farm a year ‘round destination for all your corporate events. If an all day sales meeting, followed by a murder mystery intrigues you, we can do it. How about a seminar on productivity followed by a wine tasting with assorted cheeses around the world, or a springtime unicorn hunt to celebrate a big sales quarter? Whatever you need, call us for your next event.

Outdoor recreation is one of the highlights of any visit to Nixon’s Farm. The emphasis is on group activities, including California-style volleyball, basketball, softball, and horseshoes. Also available are solitary pursuits, such as fishing & hiking. Untamed deer, possum and rabbit still roam freely over the land. Beaver inhabit the river banks of the Patuxent River, which generously runs through several portions of the farm. Roosevelt Pond is stocked with catfish, bluegill, and bass. And over 40 acres of woodlands feature white pine, sycamore, beech, and cherry trees, all with spectacular views.

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